HazMat Officer Tip: Don’t Underestimate the Power of an ICS Chart on Scene

HazMat Officer Tip: Don't Underestimate the Power of an ICS Chart on Scene

Most HazMat incidents involve several non-public safety agencies including towing/recovery, contractors, environmental agencies, regulatory agencies, civic groups, etc. The personnel from these agencies/groups are often “trained” in ICS, but use it very infrequently.  As a result, they’re often not good at the ICS process and workflow.  This can result in confusion and inadvertent freelancing.

A simple ICS chart, or ICS 207, posted at the command post with all responding/supporting agencies listed will help all agencies understand who they should be reporting to and communicating with.

In our HazMat Officer Strategy and Tactics course, we provide participants with an ICS 207 HM form that has been customized for use at common HazMat incidents.

If you’re interested in hosting a HazMat Officer Strategy and Tactics course at your agency, email training@safewareinc.com or click the Contact Us button.

The ICS 207 chart for emergency management

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