Tactical Tip: Incident Management is often a “People Problem”.

During HazMat training responders receive extensive technical training on chemicals, containers,
tactics, and technology, but very little time is spent on leading, managing, and coordinating efforts
with the “people” involved in the emergency. As a result, we continue to see after action reports
(AAR) from HazMat incidents citing a breakdown in communications and coordination.

When conducting HazMat training and exercises, it’s important to include opportunities for
responders to practice inter-agency coordination and communications as part of the incident

The new Hazard3 HazMat Officer – Strategy and Tactics course includes a numerous artificial
intelligence (AI) generated role players to provide realistic injects for the HazMat Officers during
scenarios. This forces the HazMat Officers to take into account a range of information and
concerns from stakeholders and other agencies when developing an incident action plan (IAP).