Joint Hazard Assessment Team (JHAT)

This course will help prepare hazardous materials technicians and CBRN operators to serve on a Joint Hazard Assessment Team (JHAT) at special events including sporting events, parades, dignitary visits, festivals, ceremonies, and other mass-gatherings.

The training will cover planning considerations and operational guidance to prepare JHAT members to respond to HazMat/CBRN threats, hoaxes, and accidents that can disrupt or endanger an event. Participants will learn small-unit tactics, including dismounted operations and ATV/UTV based response operations to perform threat investigations, adjudication, mitigation, and communications.

This course can be expanded to include integrated JHAT operations with public safety bomb squads, SWAT teams, tactical/event EMS providers.

Course Topics

  • JHAT concept of operations
  • Inter-agency operations including federal law enforcement
  • HazMat/CBRN threats to events and mass gatherings
  • Planning considerations for events
  • Event/venue threat and risk assessments
  • Dignitary security considerations
  • Site surveys and security pre-sweeps
  • Rapid assessment guidelines
  • Dismounted and ATV/UTV operations
  • Small-scale and improvised deconĀ