HazMat Officer Strategy and Tactics 1 Incident Analysis and Planning

This 8-hour course will help prepare hazardous materials officers and experienced technicians to serve as the HazMat Group Supervisor or Branch Director at a HazMat incident including transportation emergencies. 

The HazMat Officer Strategy and Tactics 1 (HOST1) course focuses on working with the incident commander and supporting agencies to develop quick, “street level” incident action plans (IAP) for small to large HazMat incidents.  Participants will learn a simple, repeatable, process for HazMat IAP development and documentation that is easy to implement and is consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and NFPA 470 APIET (analyze, plan, implement, evaluate, and terminate) process.  

Students will participate in multiple HazMat incident tabletop simulations to practice rapid IAP development. 

Course Topics 

  • Use of tactical worksheets and ICS forms
  • Gaining situational awareness
  • First 5 questions to ask 
  • Initial briefing with the incident commander
  • Analyzing an incident  
  • Determining incident priorities 
  • Establishing response objectives
  • Develop, evaluate, and recommend a response strategy 
  • Establishing control zones