Command and Control of Train Derailments

Course Description

This course will help prepare command staff, hazardous materials responders, and emergency management personnel to conduct a risk-based response to a train derailment.

This course focuses on managing the first operational period of the emergency response and development of an incident action plan (IAP) including determining incident priorities, selecting incident objectives, response strategies, and tactical considerations.

Key tactical considerations will be reviewed to help prepare responders to conduct reconnaissance, establish control zones, implement public protective actions (shelter-in-place or evacuation), fire control, and incident termination.

Course Topics

  • Understanding derailments
  • Incident management
  • Working with the railroad
  • Establishing incident priorities and objectives
  • Selecting strategy and tactics
  • Recon and incident analysis
  • Using AskRail
  • Establishing control zones
  • Implementing Public protective actions
  • Wide area monitoring
  • Tabletop scenarios
  • Incident termination